martes, 18 de julio de 2017

Sesión 3, Actividad 2: Juego de simulación: Cartas de la embajada de Canadá

Hi, my name is Viri!
I found about the UnADM about a year ago when I decided to continue with my university studies. After reviewing the programs it offered, I chose to get a Bachelor Degree in Applied Nutrition.
Ever since I was a teenager I became interested in human well-being, and I believe that an important part of it is a proper nutrition. However, there’s not always an easy access for proper information about the subject, thus, people follow trendy diets. This may result in serious damage to general health and other consequences.
My goal is to become a professional in the subject and be a benefit, for my family first, and then to the community that surrounds me. I truly believe that all individuals can have a balanced nutrition plan with the proper professional assistance.

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